Alternative Funding

Davidson Benefits Planning provides a full analysis of alternative funding arrangements for our clients. Whether it is a retrospective arrangement, premium drag, minimum premium or self-funding we help you determine what is best suited for your company.

Experience & Expertise

DBP has significant leadership, experience and expertise with alternative funding arrangements. From feasibility studies to financial assessments to determining best in class providers, DBP has the experience and market clout to make your plan a success.

Financial Resources

DBP has very strong financial resources. In addition to an in-house financial and analytics staff, DBP also utilizes nationally recognized underwriting and actuarial tools (as well as client-specific customized tools).

Unique Arrangements

We work hard to bring unique financial and service arrangements not found elsewhere in the marketplace.

For example:

  • We have access to the West’s largest Pharmacy and Stop Loss Coalitions.
  • Our analytic and predictive modeling tools allow us to understand the drivers of costs and utilization and what can be done to “bend the cost trend”.